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The MightyMic F Pack includes the items you need to make high quality movies right on your phone. The included MightyMic shotgun microphone is a cardioid design to eliminate unwanted sounds from the back and sides so you get the best audio quality. Simply place the shotgun microphone into the clip and attach the clip to the hot shoe mount and plug the microphone into the jack on the MightyMic Pro. Then you are ready to add the package to a boom pole. Then you just need to pair to one of the supported Video apps and start recording your movie. The package includes the USB-C charging port cable, deluxe carrying pouch, windscreen, mounting clip, hot shoe shock mount, and the microphone.

Note: You will need a paid App like those listed below for video and audio recording.

MoviePro (IOS) MightyMic (IOS) FilmicPro (IOS/Android) Cinema FV-5 (Android) Replacement Parts

SKU/Item Number AMP PKF

Item: MightyMic F Pack Price: $109.99

MightyMic® F Pack Wireless Smartphone Video Film Package

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