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The MightyMic W microphone brings high quality sound from a small microphone. Don’t be fooled by the compact size. This is a high quality clip-on omni condenser microphone that includes a rechargeable Li-ion battery. Simply pair it to your device, then launch your favorite App that supports a Bluetooth microphone, such as the optional MoviePro App (IOS Only) for video recording, Cinema FV-5 (Android) or MightyMic Pro Recorder (IOS) for audio recording. It also works as a wireless audio monitor for FiLMIC Pro (IOS). In order to keep the size as small as possible the headphone jack is also the charging port. The package includes the USB charging port cable, deluxe carrying pouch, and the microphone.

SKU/Item Number AMP MMW

Discontinued-But may be

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MightyMic W

Replaced by MightyMic Pro

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MightyMic® W Smartphone Microphone