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Frequently Asked Questions

MightyMic W/W+/W Pro

Q. I can’t hear any sound during playback.

A. Currently the playback is routed to the headphone jack on the microphone. You can use headphones to listen or go into the settings section and turn the Bluetooth connection off. If the microphone is still on it will normally reconnect automatically when you turn Bluetooth back on.

MightyMic S

Q. I can’t get any sound from the microphone headphone jack while recording?

A. Two possibilities are the built-in video app on the iPhone shuts off the sound while recording or the master volume is too low. The MoviePro App allows real time monitoring and volume adjustment. Adjust the master volume before running MoviePro or adjust the volume using the Music Player App. Your Android App does not support real time monitoring

Q. I can’t get any sound during playback?

A. If the microphone is plugged into the device it shuts off the internal speaker.The microphone must be removed or headphones plugged into the back of the microphone to hear the playback sound.

Q. Can the microphone help to record lectures?

A. We suggest you try the Notability App for the iPad. You can tune your audio recordings after they've been recorded. Begin playback, then tap the volume speaker on the far right. Next to the volume adjustment is a the word Tune. Tap this to see different audio tuning options, including a zoom feature.

Jam Cable Adaptors

Q. Can I use the GA-101 cable to connect my keyboard and guitar together?

A. You can plug in just about any instrument that has a mono output jack as long as it has a volume control and a 1/4” phone jack at the end of the cable.  If you want to connect the stereo output of a keyboard or another instrument just connect the left and right outputs into one GA-101 and connect the single 1/4” plug on the GA-101 into another GA-101.

Q. Can I plug one GA-101 into the other GA-101 to get three inputs at the same time?

A. You can plug one GA-101 into the other with only a slight difference in volume.  A common demo is to use 2 GA-101 cables and plug in a guitar, a mic and an iPod®  at the same time.  Others have used this setup to plug in 3 guitars into one amp.

IJam Adaptor Cables for Apple devices

Q. Can I use the IP-421 as a cable just to play music into an amp or mixer?

A. Yes, the IP-421 will act as an adaptor cable to connect into a single jack on an amp or mixer.  But unlike other cables this will not short out the L/R channels that may cause distortion or damage to your music player.  Just plug into the headphone jack on your player and plug the 1/4” plug into the amp or mixer.  The other 1/4” jack on the IP-421 would not be used in this case.

Q. I can’t get any sound from GarageBand.  Is there a special setting I need to use?

A. Yes, when you select the guitar or mic input you will see a symbol that looks like a small cable with a wire on the end. Click on that and the options menu opens.  Change the Monitor setting from off (default) to on.

If using the IP-421 you will need to go into the Settings section and turn Crosstalk Protection off