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The MightyMic Pack allows you to directly connect the headphone jack output on the MightyMic L into a powered speaker or mixer. It is designed to work with GarageBand or similar program using the microphone input setting. Just set the GarageBand App to monitor the sound and you can listen while recording or just use the phone as a pre-amp to directly provide a signal to the powered speakers ¼ inch input jack.  The package includes a 20 foot extension cable and a 3.5mm stereo plug to ¼ in mono plug adaptor cable. The adaptor cable mixes the left and right channels so you have one single mono signal.

MightyMic® Pack Live Speaker Adaptor Cable

MightyMic Pack Live Speaker Adapter CableMovieProMightyMicFilmicProCinema FV-5MightyMic CPayPal: Add MightyMic Pack to cart

Item: MightyMic Pack

Price: $19.99