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The MightyMic W+ (Multi-Function Wireless) microphone brings high quality wireless sound from a small microphone. Don’t be fooled by the compact size. This is a high quality clip-on omni condenser microphone that includes a rechargeable Li-ion battery. Simply pair it to your device, then launch your favorite App that supports a Bluetooth microphone, such as the optional MoviePro App (IOS Only) for video recording, Cinema FV-5 (Android) or MightyMic Pro Recorder (IOS) for audio recording. It also works as a wireless audio monitor for FiLMIC Pro (IOS). The package includes the USB charging port cable, deluxe carrying pouch, foam windscreen, and the microphone.

MightyMic® W+ SmartPhone Bluetooth Microphone/Music Player

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MightyMic W+


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