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Mail: info@ampridge.com

Ampridge was founded with a passion to offer high quality products at an affordable price. Using our background in music, sound, video and professional sound we have combined all of these into a focused mission to develop unique products and the first of many new items.

Below is a list of some of our innovations:

Developed an instrument adaptor for the iPhone that did not use any active electronics

Developed the GA-101 dual instrument adapter to combine instruments without interaction

Developed the first miniature shotgun microphone for video recording with integrated headphone monitoring jack

Developed the first lapel microphone with an integrated monitor jack on the connector

Developed the first iPhone adaptor to play effects directing into a guitar amplifier

Developed the first miniature wireless Bluetooth lapel microphone for the iPhone

Developed the first microphone package that can be used with an iPhone or Digital SLR camera

MightyMic is a registered trademark of Ampridge Mktg, LLC